About Olufemi

About Olufemi

It is truly the dawn of a new era in Nigerian politics. Youths’ reawakening has led to the emergence of one of the most reliable individuals that one has ever come across – Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo. A man who is fondly called Don by friends and associates, you could easily appropriate him for the dawn suggestive of a new era. Incidentally, that is the narrative he is bringing about in the Nigerian political terrain. Having made impressive impacts in the field of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, he has decided that the time has come to go into politics. But a second and even stronger reason of his delving into the circuit is what he calls divine ordination.

Who is this Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo: A-Z OF PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER?

  • FULL NAME : Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo
  • FAMILY COMPOUND:Ile Iyalode, No 17 Leslie Road Ilaro Egbado Yewa south L/G Ogun state.
  • FAMILY ROOTS:Omo Adebisi Mary. Son of Ojenike,Immediate Past Iyalode of Ilaro,Ogun
  • YEAR OF BIRTH: 20/07/1980.
  • POSITION IN THE FAMILY: the last born of 11 children in the family, the last born of father and the first son of mother
  • PECULIAR GROWING UP EXPERIENCE:-Due to nature OF mother’s business, was usually on the move with her, thereby living in different places at different times. At some point, lived with the Proprietor of his Primary School, Mr. Alex Adebayo, later, Alhaji Oriaran (Muslim Father) and also Alhaja Kehinde Isiaka under whom he learnt Arabic studies. Later lived with Chief Isiaka Awise of Ibadan Land (traditional healer).
  • SCHOOL ATTENDED:- Olufemi's educational journey reflects his determined pursuit of knowledge both for personal growth and public service. It began at the Christ Power Nursery and Primary School, and later at the Methodist Grammar School Elekuro Ibadan, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and Junior Secondary School Certificate respectively. He later attended the Epetedo High School, Lagos Island, for his O'level certificate. Determined to further his education and broaden his knowledge, Olufemi enrolled at the prestigious Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba Lagos, for his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Mass Communication, and is currently a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication at the same institution. The educational sojourn at the institution, has enabled him to understand first-hand, the dynamics of the press moreso, its key role in the socio-political development of any society,
  • African, Asian and European Countries including Cotonou, Togo, Ghana, Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, United Kingdom and Paris France;on course for political tours of America, Asia and Europe to deepen democracy and development ideas.
  • PLACES WORKED AND POSITIONS:- He has been an independent businessman since 1992. Started out hawking ice water, Kerosene, kundi (dry meat), local black soap ‘ose abuwe’ for the family to feed. In 1996, moved down to Lagos metropolis, staying is places such Isolo, Ojodu Berger, Ogudu and Iyana Oworonsoki.
  • Main reasons for entry into politics ~ To bring about a ‘New Nigeria’ that would make Nigeria citizens become priority. To help in in enthroning equity and transparency in such a way that the child of nobody could become somebody through our “National Transition Agenda”. To build an egalitarian society where everyone is equal in the eyes of the Law. Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo's entry into politics was driven by a compelling vision for a "New Nigeria" where citizens' welfare is paramount. His aspiration is grounded in the principles of equity, transparency, and justice, with the goal of creating an egalitarian society where all individuals are equal in the eyes of the law. Through his "National Transition Agenda," Olufemi aims to empower every citizen, irrespective of background, to become somebody.

  • RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS THUS FAR OCCUPIED:- NNPP-National Electoral Secretary at Edo State 2024 NNPP Primary Election, Youth Leader at Torotoro CDA, Deputy Youth Leader at National Youth Council of Nigeria, Oloke Branch, Obafemi Owode Local Government, Ogun State; Coordinator of proposed party, Youth Democratic Party of Nigeria [YDPN], President, All Youths Reoriented Initiative of Nigeria [AYRION], School HOD of Vigilante Group of Nigeria [VGN], Director of Final Guards Security Ltd., Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Bullion Go-Neat Global Ltd., and a Director of The Eagle Newsmedia.
  • PHILOSOPHY of OF LIFE:- “Everyone was born free and deserve to have freedom of life” “If we fail to sign a bill to be held accountable to our political promises we will fail to build a nation”.
  • INSPIRATION IN LIFE:~ Inspired bettering the life of others. Ability to put into practice those set of human tenants held in high esteem in other developed countries. . Passionate about the project called Nigeria and fully ready to move the next generation of youths to take their due positions of leadership.
  • MOTIVATION IN POLITICS:- The reality of serving in responsible positions and helping to lift ordinary nigerians.
  • ROLE MODEL IN POLITICS :~Leaders that have contributed to the development of their nation.
    1. Heritage International Media Award Icon Of A New Nigeria
    2. Golden Son Of YorubaLand, Oyo State Canteen Workers Union
    3. Outstanding Contribution Award - Fasunle Makinde Media Practitioner Network
    4. Man Of Year - Oodua Eminent Personalities
    5. Grand Patron, Lagos Boy’s and Girl’s Brigade Awards
    6. Icon of A New Nigeria, Heritage International
    7. Entrepreneur of the year award, Commerce & Industry Correspondents Association of Nigeria (CICAN)
    8. Outstanding Entertainment supporter of the Year:- NollyFans Awards
    9. Model Politician of the Year; The Online Journalists Association of Nigeria (OJAN)
    10. Special Service Award for Philanthropy by the Students Representative Council (SRC), Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) Ogba
    11. Award of Excellence, by the Theater Arts & Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter
    12. Entrepreneurship Excellence Award, SMEs Expression, Dream Next Enterprises
    13. Humanitarian service Award
    14. Man of the Year Award
    15. Certificate of honour for humanitarian services

Manifesto of Comrade OlufemiAjadiOguntoyinbo

Gubernatorial Candidate of NNPP in Ogun State

In our society today, from the local government down to the federal level, there is a growing distrust for people holding public office,. This is as a result of consistent failure by these elected representatives to deliver to the Nigerian people, the dividends of democracy, Ogun State, the famed Gateway state, has been a major casualty of this: successive governments have failed to harness the resources in the land, to better the conditions of the people. The evidences includegeneral inequity, infrastructure deficit, poverty andcrime. My decision to aspire for the office of Governor of the state 2023, is to reverse this bad trend. It is a well thought-out decision, motivated by the desire to deliver good governance to the people of the state. To be able to do this, I have done a comprehensive study on how to reposition the state, using its God-given resources, human and material to bring about better fortunes for the state.



To have a people oriented government which caters for the welfare of the people, and where the people will renew their trust and love for those in positions of leadership.

Highpoints of my manifesto

  • Industrial Revolution
  • Ogun State largely depends on Federal allocation for sustenance. So, any time there is no or delay in the remittance of this federal allocation, the state is jittery and apprehensive. Our administration will transform the state, by introducing complete Industrial Revolution programmethrough Public Private Partnership (PPP). This will be for the purpose of establishing of medium and large scale industries. We shall achieve this by involving local investors and also inviting foreign investors to partner with the state. We will create the needed conducive environment for these investors to operate. Our administration will achieve this by providing tax holidays, land and pioneer status break, and provision of relevant infrastructures for their smooth operation in the state. We shall also focus on the "Ogun Guang Dong Free Trade Zone" where numerous manufacturing facilities were constructed by past administration in partnership with Chinese and Korean governments. This revolution will launch a conscious effort to revitalize commerce industry in Ogun state, focusing on local production and services. The state Ministry of Commerce and Industry shall be charged with identifying the various products and services needed for immediate local and international market, and the potential producers of such products shall be sought out across the globe through our programmes.

  • Security
  • The security of life and property is an important necessity in any society, and its provision is the responsibility of government. My administration will prioritise this by re energizing the security architecture of the state, providing more tools and equipment for them to work. We shall increase the allocation/donations to the Security Trust Fund (STF) and bring in private sector security operators so that we can have complete safety in society. My success in establishing and sustaining a security outfit in the state, Eagle Security, is an attestation of my capability towards ensuring a secure Ogun State going forward. It has been identified that the issue of herdsmen and cultism are part of the challenges on the path to ensuring a safe state. We shall adopt the principle of conflict resolution and legal restrictions to find a lasting solution to this. Our Community Watch will be energised to curb crimes at community level so the people can sleep with their two eyes closed.

  • Road Construction & Maintenance
  • Special attention will be given to the deplorable state of our roads. Our administration will come up with "No Pot Hole" policy driven by special inspection by the Ministry of Works to ensure the road network in the state remains motorable at all times. Road construction in both urban and rural areas will be priotised for the economic advantage of the people. For road projects that require huge capital and additional expertise, especially in the industrial areas and border communities, we shall be collaborating with construction companies that have the expertise. Mutually beneficial tolling arrangements would be put in place to ensure recouping of resources expended in building such roads. Local governments would also be empowered to construct and maintain local community roads in their areas, to ease human and vehicular movement. This will also ease the movement of farm produce from the rural areas to the market, which will boost economic prosperity of the people.

  • Agricultural Re-Birth
  • Our administration shall give special attention to the agricultural sector, creating enabling environment for food production and processing in the state. We shall create agricultural boards which will enable the marketing of agricultural products to the society. This board will also create a conducive business environment for the farmers through provision of soft loans, seedlings, agricultural implements, farm land, tractors, food processors, fertilizers etc. We shall untilise our arid land advantage to build our agricultural products and encourage every household to go into faming as an alternative source of income and state revenue. Our administration will encourage large scale faming of cassava,cocoa, rice cotton,cornetc, and exportation of such produces. Our cotton farming will be basically to strengthen our vibrant textile and fabric industry. Through our agricultural policy, we shall make Ogun state a food secured state during our first term in office.

  • Local Government Autonomy
  • The local government autonomy granted over a year ago by the federal government will give the local government, which is the nearest to the people at the grassroots the opportunity to have access to funds directly and manage their affairs. Our administration will only play a monitoring role and give adequate advice on the management of the local councils.

  • Public Water Works
  • We have carried out a survey on why the public water tap is dry.We found out the problem is both fund and management. Our administration will provide the needed funds to rebuild the damaged water pipes, and relay them for the water works to provide that essential commodity to the people. To reduce wastage,we shall setup a committee at the agency that will monitor any pipe breakage and timely repair in our communities.

  • Waste Management
  • The wrong disposal of waste in our major communities is something of great concern. Our administration will work on proper legislation to correct the abnormally and provide more waste disposal agencies that will evacuate the mountains of dirt in our cities. Our policy on waste management will attract foreign investors in pollution control and re-cycling of waste materials. This will provide employment and increase revenue of the state.

  • Education/Technical & Vocational Training
  • Our administration will give topmost priority to education, especially vocational institutions and technical colleges.Our state is known for hosting the highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria,with great number of professionals in different fields; we shall strengthen our education industry to re-position our state and be the best not just in the South-West but Nigeria and Africa. We shall engage the Ministry of Education on monitoring of our schools to put all stakeholders on their toes to return the lost glory of the sector. There shall be training and re-training of our teachers (especially the technical instructors)so as to produce a modern day curriculum that will produce the kind of graduates that our society needs,independent and self-dependent graduates that will provide employment for others. In addition, we shall bear the costs of Senior Secondary School Examination for the students, with scholarships made available to best students from each Local Government. Our administration shall include artisan training in our secondary school curriculum,with emphasis on agricultural training with incentives in choice areas.

  • Public Healthfree
  • Our administration will look into the deteriorating health infrastructure in our state, especially give attention to primary healthcare. In our first term in office, we shall employ more health personnel, looking into their remuneration and allowances. We shall also provide more diagnostic centres for the health institution to function properly. To achieve this, we shall bring local and foreign investors to the health sector, the idea being to introduce health tourism to Ogun State. There shall be special focus on rural community health services, especially for people in riverine areas and border communities, with the provision of speed boat ambulances and mobile clinics.

  • Alternative Power Generation
  • Power generation is key to development of any society.Our administration will look into other untapped areas of power generation like solar energy, Windmill, Mini Hydro dam,etc. bringing foreign investors to build this aspect of our economy. We shall develop our master plan to generate and distribute electricity as a state which will provide employment to our people.

  • Solid Mineral Development
  • Ogun state is very rich in Mineral resources like clay, granite, glass-sand, lead, coal, bitumen and crude oil. Our administration shall provide a conducive working environment for people in the granite supply industry for economic prosperity.This will also open window of opportunity for the state to be repositioned in foreign investment by Chinese and Korean firms who have large investment in the sector. We shall provide incentives to our local investors, transporters, unskilled laborers in the industry.

  • Transportation System
  • Our transportation system will be re-designed for the comfort of the people. We shall have mini-bus and city bus companies to operate interstate, and within the urban cities. The transport scheme will be subsidised for affordability by the people and to decongest our roads.

  • Youth and Sport Development
  • Ogun state is blessed with creative and energetic youths doing well in sports and various fields, bringing us glory. We shall explore more opportunities to develop the youths in skill acquisition, handcrafts, sport, entertainment and leadership training even outside the country. Our administration will provide economic empowerment for women and the vulnerable in rural and urban communities. In addition, we shall bring onboard a good number of young people and women to our administration for proper representation. We shall also create a game village where different athletes can train for competition within the state. Our administration shall design a state plan on annual game festival (which will engage professional sport administrators)where people from different parts of the state will compete in different games. We shall also engage our secondary schools in the annual “Principal Cup” partly sponsored by the state government.

  • Transparency & Fairness
  • Our administration will be transparent and accountable to the people. We shall be fair in all our policies and decisions, putting the welfare of the people first. Footnote: Therefore, I hereby move a motion to be prosecuted in the court of law, if I fail to fulfil electoral promises made to the masses

  • Civil Service
  • The civil service as the engine of any government administration, shall be given priority, looking into their welfare and after service life. Our administration shall make provision for the prompt payment of their salaries and allowances, regular promotion exercise and other motivational packages. We shall see to the pension scheme for effectiveness and prompt payment.

  • Tourism
  • Our administration will develop the tourism industry of the state. Apart from Olumo Rock, the state has several tourist sites which we shall give facelift to attract foreign tourists. This will in turn increase the revenue of the state. We shall engage stakeholders in the movie industry to build a movie village of international standard which will be a point of reference in the country.

    My Agenda

    Check my 10 Points Agenda

    Economic Diversification through Enterprise development.

    A key component of The Olufemi Ajadi GUBERNATORIAL Initiative is Economic Diversification through enterprise development This encompasses infrastructure development or renewal, through which we will create the enabling environment for business enterprises to thrive and these include. Under focus are provision of stable electricity, motorable roads where not existing and rehabilitation of existing ones that are in poor condition. It included the provision of pipe-borne water, introduction of tax rebates in critical sectors, export incentives as well as reduction in the number of taxes payable by manufacturing companies. We will put every necessary measure in place towards the commercial exploitation of the over 32 different solid minerals scattered in its different geo-political zones of our country, coal, gypsum, tin, marble, iron ore, gold, barites, Kaolin and talc inclusive. Effective harnessing of the above will ensure an increase in our basket of income generation, away from oil, so that we no longer have to bother about oil price fluctuation in the international market. Moreso, it will generate millions of employment opportunities and add value to the economy

    Revitalisation of existing refineries, building of new modular ones.

    We believe that it is an anomaly for one of the biggest oil producing countries not to have efficient refineries; we will reverse the order. Not only will we revitilise some existing refineries, we will build more, especially modular refining infrastructure, to first reduce dependence on overseas refining, and eventually phase it out.. The issue of rampant fuel scarcity occasioned by the poor working conditions of the refineries will be a thing of the past under this administration. The financial resources and the political will to make these happen are already available, and we will deploy them. We are also aware that Nigeria could conveniently produce porcelain insulators, a critical input in electricity connections using locally available resources. Yearly however, billions of naira is budgeted to purchase this needed input for electrification projects. Why should we be spending millions of dollars importing insulators when a prototype for its mass production had long been submitted; awaiting only the federal approval for patenting, and funding for mass production? As you know, this is directly tied also to the availability of power in needy areas, and we are interested in exploring the options offered by, not only the manufacture of porcelain insulators at home, but also the total elimination of its importation from other countries.

    Food security through agriculture revolution.

    We know the importance of food security as a political movement, and can envisage how much boost our agriculture revolution programme could bring to quest to be food secure. It will boost the wellbeing of the people on the one hand, and support the nation’s economy on the other hand. We are committed to Food security through agriculture revolution as a prime aspect of our ten-point agenda. From school leavers through corpers mobilised for the one year scheme, down to other professionals, our agriculture revolution scheme has accommodation for all, to give them income value and also contribute to the economic development of the nation. It will be anchored on what we have acronymed ONCOP – which stands for- One Nigerian community, one product, helping the drive to fight hunger, eliminate youth idleness, fight crime, and lead to boost in food production.


    A first and fundamental duty of any responsible government is the protection of lives and property. This has been a far cry in our country for some time now, especially in the North East where many people have been killed or maimed, and many more forced to flee their homes. Elsewhere, we have issues of kidnapping, ritual killings, etc. We are resolved to contending and containing insecurity in the country using a preventive strategy that included the deployment of CCTV cameras at strategic locations nationwide. It also includes encompasses community policing. We believe that no police officer is more obligated to protecting a place than a policeman born and bred from that community, who possibly has a home, a mother, father, brother or sister from that locality. Further, we see a clear link between the spates of insecurity and such other national issues as hunger, the rule of law, agitation for selfdetermination etc. As we work to make food and employment opportunities available in the land, especially for the youths, we will look into those other contending issues which readily led to violence.

    Infrastructure Development

    Basic infrastructure like roads, electricity and water, will engage our attention as an administration, and the reason is simple: No real development could happen without these. Most inner roads in the country are in terrible states of disrepair, with the result that commuting on them has become a nightmare. Commercial vehicles avoid them, so do companies seeking to set up offshore factories. It is worse with electricity and water supply, as experiences show. In some neigbourhoods, it is impossible to believe that there is a government in place due to the near absence of electricity and water infrastructure there. Our infrastructure renewal programme is globally tested and will prove the possibility of opening up even the least of rural communities where the will power exists.


    Though primary school education is free in the country, estimates from the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) shows that about 10.5 million children are not in school. The factors are various from the impasse in the North-East to cultural steeped practices in the East and South and generalised poverty due to bad economy elsewhere in the country. Aside, the teaching morale is also low on account of poor teacher incentive as well as poor state of infrastructure across the different levels of learning. We will give education the priority attention it deserves. We will equip our schools with modern school buildings, staff quarters, laboratories, as well as increase We will equip our schools with modern school buildings, staff quarters, laboratories, as well as increase/regularise teachers’ salaries and allowances. What we have is simply a marshal plan that would be the envy of other countries especially within the region.

    Special focus on ICT for Nigerian youths

    The Nigerian economy itself experienced a 6.31 per cent growth in its ICT sector in 2020, and this is not a surprise given the critical nature of ICT in global scheme of things. As a result, we will give a pride of place to Information Communication Technology (ICT), given our resolve to fast-track out technological advancement. This will lead to the transformation of the ICT cluster at Ikeja for a start, and the patenting of a number of Nigerian firms far and wide. We are resolved to triggering real technological development, building on already existing pioneering work of Nigerians, as individuals and companies. The template accommodates proposed fabrication centres at Aba, Onitsha, Nnewi lJos, Owo, as well as Ilorin. Also, through our computer database, we will track the education and career progress of Nigerian youths, the idea being to ensure they are gainfully employed upon completion of their programmes.

    Healthcare development

    We have an integrated health care delivery system that covers the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. It is first and foremost prevention-centred. In this, we place emphasis on calibre of healthcare professionals and the facilities and infrastructure available to them for work. Our blueprint prioritises, healthy environments, eating lifestyles, and the ability of the health care facilities to respond promptly to healthcare issues. The agenda encompasses rehabilitation of primary healthcare centres nationwide, which includes their being manned 24 hours as critical first responders. We have signed the deal for foreign collaborations in this area, which however would accommodate a lot local medics and professionals.

    Diaspora Relations

    More than ever before, Nigeria’s diaspora relationships is due for overhaul. Aside the traditional ambassadorial posting some of who are usually overwhelmed or distracted by the daily demands of officialdom, the administration has plans to endorse and work with designate individuals who understand, love and are friends of Nigeria. They could be business associates and entrepreneurs, cultural experts or academics who see value in the Nigerian dream and are willing to support it collaborating with our government. These ambassadors do not have to be Nigerians, but are to be designated in their countries of residence.

    Rule of law

    The Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo administration has a big plan for the development and sustenance of the rule of law without which a democratic government would lose essence. The plan would be centred on empowerment of the judiciary through improvement in their conditions of service and the procedure for their disengagement from service. The plan has been fully developed and would be mounted upon the administration coming into power.

    What do I want to do as president

    What i will do as a President

    The Undertaking:


    The things I stand for:

  • That our country Nigeria is endowed with enormous resources –both human and material – to make her a leading nation of the world
  • That despite exploiting these resources over time, successive governments have failed to deliver to the Nigerian people, the dividends of democracy.
  • That the time has now come for old guards to give way for the youths to give this country, the quality leadership it deserves.
  • The things we promise the Nigerian people:

    • Quality leadership at all levels of governance.
    • Effective and efficient utilisation of the resources of the land.
    • Equal access to all, irrespective of class or creed.

    My Turning Point

    An Encounter That Became A Turning Point

    I remembered vividly the year 1993 during one of the late M.K.O Abiola’s riot on June 12. That was when God showed me a vision. Due to the crisis of that agitation, families were sometimes, forced to move as the crisis reached their dwelling place. So, it happened that year, and my mother eager to take us to safety was dragging along the road, as we ran from the town of Odinjo. We were actually trekking to our village Osengere area, Egbeda Local Government Ibadan, Oyo State. When I could no longer bear the pressure, and pain of the long and tedious dragging, I was forced to hesitate. I asked my mother why we were running and where we were going to?
    She responded that there was war in the town and that daily feeding had become difficult. She said if we wanted to survive, we had no option than seek refuge in a peaceful town. That day I cried to God, asking why He had put me in such a country with so much suffering. The Lord said to me in a still small voice “you are here for a purpose”. I told Him, if that is the case, I want you to give me the power to rescue the Nation from this dread that loomed ahead. I asked Him to make me known and counted amongst those that would change the country for better. It was a holy week, and I added that If He answered my prayer, that I would not break the holy vow.
    I did not really reckon with what had happened until 1997 when my mother and I attended a programme at Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Agabara, Ashi Bodija Shepherded by Baba Olowoore. There, another revelation came forth to me about becoming a leader in a Nation. In fact, two men of God, by names Evangelist Kehinde Moses and Evangelist Seun were the ministers of God at the Church in the year mentioned I still didn’t take the revelation seriously, but for my mother, having heard the revelation from me refrained from taking me back home; instead she went home to bring all my clothes to the Church and for two years, I lived there.
    It was in year 2018 when President Mohammed Buhari and former Vice President Atiku failed to attend the Presidential debate, that it dawned on me that the time to manifest had dawned. I personally found it distasteful that people who were elected into offices by people could ignore the desire of the same people to hear them speak about what they had for them. All the prophetic declarations had begun to piece themselves together. I saw myself cry bitterly yearning for a saviour for our dear country Nigeria. Then, I came up with just one propaganda: “ I move a motion for all Nigerian politicians to sign an undertaking to be held accountable for electoral promises made to the masses”, which today has become a personal mantra in my quest to be president.



    I hereby offer myself for the office of presidency of the country.

    The national Chairman of our great party Members of the National Working Committee National and state executives. Other officers of the party, Distinguished members of the press, Fellow Nigerians, Ladies and gentlemen. It is a beautiful day today in our country, Nigeria. I say beautiful because we are at the point of making history Today marks a real turning point for us as individuals, and as Nigerians, because after now, things would no longer be the same –they will begin to change for the better for all of us, amen. We are here today to witness an epoch event in the history of our party, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), and also our nation, the great Nigerian nation. I say these, knowing that things are still challenging in our country. I say these aware that many people are suffering right in the midst of plenty, but believe me, irrespective of the condition that you find yourself, things are set to be better from now henceforth, amen. The beginning is what is about to happen here today – that thing is the formal declaration of intention to run for the office of the presidency of our great country by my humble self – Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo. Like I have shared in many forums where I had the opportunity, Olufemi Ajadi is not in the race because
    he just wants to be counted as a politician. I am not running for the office of the presidency out of fancy; No. I am in the race because I received a divine ordination to run. I did not make myself; it is God that made me, the same God who also made you and all other living things and phenomena we can see or feel. If the man who knows it all has said that I should run, who am I, mortal man to say no, or argue? But then, I am also running because I have something to offer my father land, having operated successfully in different capacities and offices before now, and done excellently well. The details of all that is not for this forum, but at a more relevant opportunity. For now, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I have said that today is an epoch day in the life of our nation Nigerian because we are on the political march again. We are set to elect another person, to steer the ship of this great country for the next four years, that is very important. And the only contender who fits that assignment, is the one whom the Almighty Himself has directed to take a go at it. That man is the one standing before you today, Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo. Current state of things This is not the forum to bore you with many facts and figures, but simply look around you today, you will agree with me that things are
    not just working well in a country that the almighty God himself has blessed abundantly. There is hunger in the land, despite the fact that Nigeria has arable land and a variety of foods and crops; Even with all the security setups and the amount of money voted every year, insecurity has become a common index in the country. Lives no longer mean much to people Hooligans and hoodlums kill and main at will Roads are terrible order that even to drive people on emergency to the hospitals have become a nightmare if not impossible Electricity is not available to the common man, jobs are not available, basic healthcare has become a luxury. Why are all these in a country so blessed? God has given Nigeria more than enough in human and material resources, to enable her take adequate care of her citizens. In each of the local governments that make up Nigeria, there is at least, one important resource that Secondly, not only does the country has a high population and an arable land, but she has a healthy workforce that can work on these and turn the country into a goldmine. Yet, from state to state in Nigerian, even Nigerian foods have


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